Looks like Ukrainian gamer: plays what and how much to spend on games

Как выглядит украинский геймер: на чем играет и сколько тратит на игры

The majority of Ukrainian gamers playing on Android devices. While users on iOS in three times less. Interestingly, iOS users are more likely to play on Android, but Android users prefer smartphones.

This is evidenced by data released by the mobile game developer Playgendary, reports ain.ua. The company analyzed the behavior of 2.64 million social gamers who played games in 2018.

More gamers live in Kiev.

All 5 cities by number of gamers are as follows:

  1. Kiev
  2. Kharkov
  3. Odessa
  4. Lions
  5. Dnepr

According to the manufacturer, the most active players in the afternoon from 11 to 13 hours (18.3%) and in the evening from 18 to 21 (21.3 per cent).

With regard to the financial cost of the game, the more costly are the owners of iOS-devices. These gamers do not like ads and are willing to pay not to see.

How many Ukrainians spend on the game:

  1. The average cost of one purchase for users of iOS – 6.97 dollars (188 Euro)
  2. The average cost of one purchase for Android users is 3.92 $ (105 UAH).

What is Playgendary?This Belarusian mobile game developer for iOS and Android devices. By 2018 the company has entered the top 10 of the world’s largest publishers of mobile games (this is a data Analytics service App Annie and Sensor Tower).

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