Looks like wedding ring, Nicki Minaj, million dollar: photo & video

Как выглядит свадебное кольцо Ники Минаж, стоимостью миллион долларов: фото и видео

Famous American repercu Nicki Minaj conquered the network photos with her husband Kenneth petty. Artist bragged about his wedding ring, which is estimated to cost a million dollars.

It’s been 10 days from the secret wedding of Nicki Minaj and her controversial boyfriend Kenneth petty, and the network is still discussing this event. To whet greater interest of the media and supporters, the couple has published a series of pictures and videos with the first joint of Halloween. On the occasion of Nicki Minaj and her husband chose costumes from a horror movie dolls Chucky and his bride Tiffany. Repercu showed itself in a white dress, than has caused excitement among the followers of his instagram blog.

In addition, Nicki Minaj first showed her wedding ring. The photo in the style of Halloween Kenneth petty gave his beloved jewel on the layout of a cut finger. Subsequently, a pair of near showed his wedding ring, stunned the network. Decoration husband entirely studded with precious stones, and on her finger Nicki Minaj is now possible to see 17-carat diamond.

The author of the jewelry made by famous jewelry brand Rafaello And Co. According to insiders the Western media, Nicki Minaj bought herself a wedding ring, and paid over a million dollars. At the same time Kenneth petty denies this information, claiming that he paid a big purchase.

What is known about the wedding of Nicki Minaj?Repercu Nicki Minaj spun one of the most scandalous novels, which is discussed in all world media. All because the chosen singer is Kenneth petty, a former prisoner, serving a sentence for attempted rape and murder. After journalists publicized the details of private life boyfriend Nicki Minaj, supporters bombarded her with requests to leave the scandalous husband. However repercu sharply responded to all the haters, stood up for the beloved.

October 22 in the network Nicki Minaj admitted that he played a secret wedding with Kenneth petty. Repercu decided not to disclose details of the ceremony and yet did not publish pictures from the special day.