Lopyreva practiced with logs in hand

Лопырева потренировалась с бревнами в руках

“Miss Russia -2003” came out to exercise in the white bikini.

Victoria Lopyreva arranged in the beach resort of full exercise with wooden dumbbells. “Miss Russia-2003” has decided to play sports under the sun, working on his piece on the hot sand.

36-year-old model is known for its love for the sun baths, but in this case she decided to combine the pleasant with the useful. The woman appeared before his followers in a white bikini, spreading to effect your hair. “Miss Russia” has started training with the chest muscles, legs wide apart, picking up a wooden dumbbell. Victoria lay on the back of the station and started to raise the shells, reminiscent of logs.

In another approach, the star began work on the buttocks. Lopyreva took the piece of wood and began to squat.

“Please don’t comment on my technique. The views are amazing” – signed star video.

After a hard workout, the model decided to allow myself to relax a little Victoria ate ice cream, garnished with berries.

The figure is a proud 36 -year-old star: not so long ago Lopyreva appeared before the fans in a pink swimsuit under a palm tree. The model admitted that living in difficult conditions due to overcoming her illness.