Lost module mission “Apollo” can be found 50 years later

Потерянный модуль миссии "Аполлон" может быть найден спустя 50 лет

A group of scientists led by Amateur astronomer nick Howes said that she might have been able to find module “Snoopy”, which was part of the mission “Apollo 10”. According to Science Alert, the search module was 2011.

The mission “Apollo 10” includes two modules: team “Charlie brown”, which was supposed to land on the moon, and “Snoopy”, designed for finding low lunar orbit. The modules were named after two famous cartoon characters.

“Charlie brown” managed to return to Earth, but “Snoopy” was thrown into orbit around the Sun. The chance to see him again, was one in 235 million. Now astronomers are “98% confident” that they succeeded.

It should be noted that the movement “Snoopy” is under the gravitational influence of Earth, moon and Sun, and his last known whereabouts for 40 years. Therefore, researchers who conducted the search, had to filter the terabytes of data obtained with telescopes. However, they are not sure that what they found really is “Snoopy”.

“As long as someone doesn’t get really close to him and we do not receive detailed radar profile, we can’t be sure,” said Howes. According to him, next time Snoopy gets closer to Earth in 18 years. He believes that then it is possible to take pictures of the device and even deliver it on the Ground.