Loupes and magnifiers: the description of the variety and characteristics

Лупы и увеличители: описание разновидностей и особенностей

Magnifier – optical device. It is used in medicine for a detailed consideration of a portion (segment) of the body. Repeatedly magnifying glass increases the object under study. It facilitates the diagnosis or the performance of medical procedures.

The device is a biconvex magnifying glass, attached to the frame. Depending on the area of application of optical devices with other devices. Thus simplifies the work of the specialist. It can be stand, wall brackets, holders and other assistive devices.

Classification optics

In medical practice use of a binocular. With their help conduct initial study of small structures. Devices used during examination and treatment. They are used by dentists, ophthalmologists, estheticians, dermatologists, neurosurgeons and other doctors.

The device consists of one or several lenses with a small focal distance (10-100 mm). When using the binocular optics work both eyes, so the device looks like glasses with big frame and projecting eyepieces.

The main index optics – magnification (approximation):

  • up to 5 times (small);
  • up to 10 times (average);
  • more than 10 times (large).

Most common in microsurgery has received a binocular glass, which increase the image 6 times. That such instruments are microsurgeons during operations on the heart, blood vessels or the brain.

Unit magnifying diopter (optical power of the lens). One diopter is the power of optics with a focal length of 1 meter (the distance from the lens to the subject). The device in three diopter increases 1.75 times, five diopters to 2.25 times, eight dioptres – 3 times. Between magnification factor and focal length there is an inverse relationship, so a magnifying glass with the closest approximation to use is not always convenient. Cosmetologists, for example, can not perform the manipulation in extreme close-UPS of the device to a work area.

On the constructive device optics may be a simple, achromatic or aplanatic. An achromatic device is composed of scattering and collecting lenses. They are made from several types of glasses with different refraction. Aplanatic systems are composed of several loop (PLANO-convex), fixed at a small distance from each other.

Optical materials and light

Lenses for loop is made from glass, acrylic plastic, special polymers. Glass and polymeric materials allow to obtain the image with good sharpness and minimal distortion arising from the increasing subject.

Magnifying glass on tripods equipped with lighting from fluorescent or led lamps. Both kinds of lighting, convenient and efficient, but an led system is more expensive. While a magnifying glass to make a purchase. This is due to the efficiency of Led lamps, soft light and long service life.

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