Love psychosis: 5 signs of unhealthy feelings

Любовный психоз: 5 признаков нездорового чувства

Failed relationships, which was a place of loud quarrels, the infidelities, abuse or distrust, sometimes leave unpleasant consequences in the form of love psychosis. How to understand that your feeling unwell and need professional help?

Love descends suddenly, when you least expect it, and after, when the joint nest bought dishes and you finally decided to introduce “It” to her parents – leaves, slamming the door. Acute a condition that a person experiences as a result of failed relationships called love psychosis. And this is one of those times when love needs to be treated.

On what grounds do you define love psychosis and what to do about it, says psychologist Andrey Nikolaev.

Love is like an accidental death

Love is often compared to a mental illness. If love is happy, nothing wrong with that. But when she turns bitter disappointment, then most likely, the person “stuck” in a love psychosis. Hardest time of infidelity. Psychologists explain this by the fact that the experience of betrayal in itself a strong enough stress, but when it comes to love – it’s a double punch in the stomach.

And the unfortunate lover, who built castles in the air and believed that with the second half they will live long, happily, and die in one day, it can lead to serious psychological problems (see also: “First love: why we will never forget it (a scientific explanation)”).


Quite often love psychosis affects people in whose relations there abuse. A person suffering from abuse, aware that his partner was treating him badly (don’t return calls, disappears for a few days, when quarrels catches big words like “I don’t love you”, “we are no longer a couple”), but for some reason does not break relations.

Childhood traumas

Another reason love psychosis – childhood trauma. It would seem that people love each other, they have a respectful relationship, but one of the partners still lives in the stress. He constantly thinks about where it is now sweetheart, not happened to him something bad if he does not change. Most often it is said that in the family between his parents had an uneasy relationship and one of them was constantly worried about the other. The child grows up with this anxiety, projecting the attitude of parents on their personal.

Boys don’t cry?

Interestingly, although women are much more susceptible to psychosis loving, men experience it much stronger. The fact is that women are more adaptive to stressful situations. If unrequited love – there’s always a friend with whom the situation can be discussed. Thus, they are easier out of a traumatic relationship. The man is unlikely to share his love drama, because due to historical and cultural reasons for individuals of the stronger sex this, unfortunately, is still considered shameful. Men carry the emotional pain in yourself and unrequited love more often ends in a psychiatry or other serious diseases. Therefore, it is important to detect the problem and get professional help (see also: “How to complete the projects and novels”).

When it’s time to sound the alarm

Let’s consider the main signs that tell you that your sense of – threat.

The person experiences a feeling of depression, detachment and loneliness. Why is this happening? Love lived feelings of euphoria: joy, delight, admiration, And when he experienced frustration, his feelings are just the opposite – it “covered” sadness and sorrow. And it is read as psychosis.

Turning to rituals, frequent hand washing and arranging things in a certain order. Patients love fever it helps to cope with anxiety condition.

Binding negative feelings: anger, frustration, and unpleasant the whole love situation as a whole. Or, on the contrary, the person stops eating.

Lost interest in work, your favorite Hobbies, and sometimes to life itself. Reduced efficiency: the person not only wants, but is unable to perform any work.

All of the above symptoms last a month or more.

Having had similar symptoms, do not delay going to a therapist or clinical psychologist. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the specialist will prescribe treatment depending on the form of leaking psychosis: prescribe special drugs or propose to pass a conversational psychotherapy.

Expert: Andrey Nikolaev psychologist.

Любовный психоз: 5 признаков нездорового чувства

Любовный психоз: 5 признаков нездорового чувства

Любовный психоз: 5 признаков нездорового чувства

Любовный психоз: 5 признаков нездорового чувства