Love to fish them tied up? As befriends an otter and a cat (VIDEO)

Любовь к рыбе их связала? Как подружились выдра и кошка (ВИДЕО)

Japanese Mako bought a three-year otter Sakura in 2018, but only two years later, Sakura has become so trust a cat mochi that hugging, falling asleep next to her.

Mako shared a video on social networks on 18 July, with the inscription: “Finally they embraced and started sleeping around.”

IACS publishes daily videos with otter on social networks and has more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. For example, one of them:

However, not everyone approves fascination with otters as Pets. Nonprofit Traffic warned that otters lure from the wild for export to Japan. Kanita Krishnasamy, Director of offices in South-East Asia, told National Geographic: “unfortunately, the main factor is the attractiveness. These animals are very, very popular.”