“Love trash”: destroyed painting Banksy got a new name and use – 24 Channel

"Любов у сміттєвому кошику": знищена картина Бенксі отримала нову назву і застосування - 24 Канал

Auction house Sotheby’s found a creative solution to sell a picture of street artist Banksy “Girl with balloon”, which was destroyed in the shredder.

As informs CNN, Sotheby’s decided to turn napusto the painting “Girl with balloon” masterpiece “instant art”.

Now the work of Banksy will be called “Love trash” and will be considered as an art object.

The film received identification certificate Banksy and sold to the buyer who paid for a “Girl with balloon” $ 1.4 million.

It is known that it was acquired by the collector from one of the European countries.

5 Oct painting “Girl with a balloon” was sold at Sotheby’s auction. When the auctioneer banged his gavel and announced the sale of the lot – the picture is beginning samanishvilis of the shredder.

Later street artist Banksy has shown how and why planted the device in the picture.

Who is Banksy?Famous street artist, whose real name nobody knows. Probably his name is Robert or Robin banks and he was born in the English city of Bristol. 44-year-old man is known undergroundno graffiti artist, political activist and Director.

Banksy has organized many exhibitions worldwide, and his controversial graffiti, which relate to a variety of political and social issues, become objects of the world discussion.

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