Love under the supervision of: will the FSB to access data of Tinder users

Любовь под надзором: получит ли ФСБ доступ к данным пользователей Tinder

Service for Dating with Tinder in Russia is obliged to store the data of its users. Will the company provide information to the Russian secret services, and than it threatens non-cooperation with them?

Roskomnadzor ordered the mobile Dating app Tinder to store data about its users in Russia and on demand to provide the Russian security services. What kind of information has a Tinder, and the subscribers of the service and he himself is threatened by its entry into the register of Organisers of dissemination of information?

What happened to Tinder in Russia?

Roskomnadzor has made a mobile application for Dating Tinder in the register of Organizers of information dissemination (ARI). Adopted in 2017 in Russia, “Spring law” requires all services and sites included in the register ORI for six months to keep on the territory of the Russian Federation information about all users – including text and voice messages, e-mails, photos and videos – and on demand to provide them to the government.

The “Spring law” also stipulates that the competent authorities of the Russian Federation may prompt the organizers of the dissemination of information to provide the encryption keys needed to “decode taken, transferred, delivered and (or) processed email messages” in that case, if the information is encoded. In this case, intelligence services theoretically will be able to access user data without further involvement of the service.

What information about users has Tinder?

Established in 2012 the service, Tinder is owned by Match Group, LLC. He is considered one of the most popular apps for Dating in the world. In 2018, the Tinder had 57 million users in 190 countries. This number is constantly growing. According to Mediascope, in Russia in March 2019 mobile app Tinder was daily used by almost 185 thousand Russians at the age from 12 to 64 years. In the Russian App Store the app is in the top ten by the number of downloads under “lifestyle”.

All profiles on Tinder are “tied” either to the number of mobile phone users, or to their page on Facebook. When you create the initial account, you must provide your name, gender and date of birth.

To in profile you can add photos, the app requires access to the camera or the photo album in the mobile phone of the user. Those who subscribe to premium products and services Tinder, give your Bank information for example a credit card number. If you are logged into the app via Facebook service for Dating gets access to a user profile in this social network and information about friends who have a Tinder profile.

The app also stores any additional data that reports itself to the user. This can be information about the character, lifestyle and interests, and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and religion. As stated in the section “privacy Policy” on the official Russian website Tinder, the data collected is used to improve the service, security of users and provide targeted advertising.

What amount of information about users actually has a Tinder, illustrates the case with the British journalist Judith Duportail. In 2017 she, referring to the Regulations on the General protection of personal data, European Union (General Data Protection Regulation), turned into Tinder with the requirement to provide all available information about it.

As admitted Judith Duportail published on the Guardian article, for this result it didn’t count: 800-page document sent to her, among other things, was information about the likes and number of friends of the journalist in Facebook that links to her photos in Instagram, information about education for girls, the age group of interest men, as well as data about where, when and how many times she communicated with each of its interlocutors in Tinder. And that was not all.

When and with whom Tinder shares user data?

On the website Tinder says that the company may provide customers ‘ information to its service providers and partners, including advertising. In addition, the service Dating may disclose information by the court, in the case of the investigation, the ongoing governmental or law enforcement agencies, or to protect the safety of the user.

Whether Tinder to share information about their users with the special services of the Russian Federation, is unclear. The press service of Roskomnadzor told the newspaper RBC that services for Dating have been made in the register of Organisers of dissemination of information once “in response to requirements of Roscomnadzor provided all the necessary information.”

On the same day, Tinder said that any information about their users they the Russian authorities passed on: were given only a legal data of the company.

“We checked to meet the requirements of the law. However, this registration does not mean the transmission of any user or personal data of any Russian regulatory authorities. We did not pass any data to the Russian government”, – said the official representative of Tinder to the edition “Kommersant”.

He expects Tinder in case of refusal to cooperate with the authorities?

Tinder is not the only application included in the register of the Organizers of disseminating information. Previously, there was introduced a Telegram messenger, BlackBerry, Zello, LINE, and some other foreign services, refused to cooperate with the Russian special services. Today they officially locked and cannot be accessed without software bypass of locks.

Among those who transmitted the data of their users to the authorities, some services for Dating Russian Mamba and Badoo, a social network “Schoolmates” and “Vkontakte”, the service, Rambler and several others. In total, the registry included 175 ORI services.

Yet Roskomnadzor has not filed Tinder no requirements. But sooner or later it will happen, and then in case the intractability of the mobile Dating app, apparently, will wait for the fate of other “refuseniks”: first, the company will try to “induce cooperation” with fines, and if this fails, the service will be blocked on the territory of Russia and possibly removed from the App Store.

Любовь под надзором: получит ли ФСБ доступ к данным пользователей Tinder

Любовь под надзором: получит ли ФСБ доступ к данным пользователей Tinder

Любовь под надзором: получит ли ФСБ доступ к данным пользователей Tinder