“Love wrinkles”: Laysan utiasheva told about age-related changes

«Нравятся морщинки»: Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала о возрастных изменениях

33-year-old gymnast Laysan utiasheva told subscribers in Instagram about their age changes. The wife of Paul Will, admitted that she “liked the lines” that appear around the eyes.

In his latest post in instagram account of Laysan utiasheva told about the changes that it occurs. The gymnast noted that all wish to stay young always. But life, according to Utyasheva, more deep, complex and voluminous. That is why it is with age comes the awareness of life.

Laysan utiasheva explained that she “loves wrinkles”, which began to appear on the skin around the eyes. Occurring age-related changes do not frighten her. Moreover, she gratefully takes them. Gymnast does nothing to eliminate wrinkles or get rid of freckles.

In addition to changes in appearance, utiasheva said that is conservative. She likes to watch arrow, despite the fact that you can see the time on the smartphone. But conservatism does not extend to all her views. For example, the changes that occur in society, she accepts. Utiasheva said, the role of woman in modern society who receive their well-deserved rights.

Subscribers gymnasts have admitted that they are delighted with the appearance Utyasheva. It is, in their opinion, embodies natural beauty: “the standard of beauty, femininity, tenderness, wisdom”; “look at you. Energize your naturalness. Optimism and no problems are terrible”; “the World needs more beautiful women who do not hide their wrinkles, freckles and moles”.

«Нравятся морщинки»: Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала о возрастных изменениях

«Нравятся морщинки»: Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала о возрастных изменениях