Low and high blood pressure: what really helps?

Пониженное и повышенное артериальное давление: что действительно помогает?

Too high pressure can be life-threatening, because it increases the risk of strokes, heart attacks or kidney failure. But low blood pressure can adversely affect health. How to help themselves?

Blood pressure can be measured at any pharmacy. About high blood pressure – hypertension – the doctors say when the values of 140/90 mm Hg. art. and above. If the pressure is below 100/60 mm Hg, then the person has hypotension.

Low blood pressure is a common problem of women. With hypotonia often face young and slim women. The symptoms of low pressure usually are: lethargy and lethargy in the mornings, frequent episodes of weakness and fatigue, a tendency to freeze.

However, although it is annoying, but the health is not in danger. Moreover, low pressure protects the blood vessels and serves as a safety net for the heart.

“For low blood pressure people live badly, with the good dying,” sarcastic doctors note.

That helps to lower pressure? According to doctors, the vast majority of cases owners of low pressure do not need drugs of antihypotensive. The best prevention of the unpleasant symptoms of this condition is a training vessel, state the experts. Particularly recommended are trips by bike, swimming, walking or Jogging, sauna.

“One of the best tools that can help disorder morning weakness caused by low blood pressure is a glass of cold water”, – experts say.

Which helps from high blood pressure. When blood pressure on the walls of blood vessels increases, it increases the risk of heart failure, stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. According to the Robert Koch Institute, half of all heart attacks and strokes could be avoided in the adoption of measures to reduce excess pressure.

Among the drugs with this purpose antihypertensives from different classes of substances, such as beta-blockers, diuretics or ACE inhibitors. For best results, patients often have to combine two or three different medications from the blood pressure, almost always associated with side effects, among them – irritating cough, weight gain, joint pain or erectile dysfunction.

Also lower blood pressure allow the natural means.

Weight loss. Lose those extra pounds doctors call best way to protect your cardiovascular system: with each kilogram at this blood pressure drops to 2 mmHg. article (both systolic and diastolic). Weight loss of five pounds has the same effect of reducing pressure as monotherapy with a diuretic.

The locomotor activity. In the long term, physical activity acts as pills from hypertension, stress experts. This is especially true for endurance exercise, such as swimming, skiing, Nordic walking, Cycling or Jogging. The movement reduces the level of stress hormones, and insulin, dilates blood vessels and reduces the resistance to blood flow, promotes the loss of fat. The effect of motor activity of hypertensive patients may notice after two months. Experts recommend to exercise not less than 30-45 minutes at least three times a week.

Mediterranean food. Mediterranean cuisine features plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, garlic. Such a diet helps to regulate insulin levels, which affect blood pressure and improves the condition of blood vessels. Studies show that a Mediterranean diet can lower blood pressure on average by eleven points mm Hg.

Control of salt. Reduction of salt intake to a maximum of 5 grams per day (equivalent to one teaspoon) can reduce blood pressure by about 6 mm Hg. article systolic and 4 mm Hg. article diastolic. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of cardiology, the use of hypertonic sodium chloride in the amount of up to 3 grams a day together with healthy nutrition (avasai, fruits, whole grains, fish, nuts) can reduce the pressure on average by 20 mm Hg. article in participants with baseline levels of more than 150 mm Hg.