Low coast SkyUp told how to feed its passengers

В лоу-косте SkyUp рассказали, как кормят своих пассажиров

Low-cost SkyUp to commence operations in Ukraine in 2018, uses a hybrid model of providing power supply on Board the aircraft, said newsmir.info in the company.

On all flights of the air carrier, Charter and regular passengers free drinks: three types of juices, tea, coffee and sparkling water.

In addition, the passengers can buy on Board sandwiches from 4€, sweet and salty snacks from 1 Euro, sweets or cookies for kids from 1 Euro and soft drinks 2 euros and 3 euros from alcohol.

On long-haul flights, for example, from Kiev acute on Hainan, passengers are provided with free hot meals.

The service does not depend on at what rate the purchased ticket, and is available to all travelers on a common basis.

In SkyUp added that since the beginning of the summer season, we plan to introduce the new concept menu, as well as to make it possible to pre-order food.