Lucas: Politicians are unable to win against Poroshenko, but it made the actor, a photographer and a housewife

Лукаш: Политики не смогли победить Порошенко, но это сделали актер, фотограф и домохозяйка

Ordinary people and new faces in the party “public Servants” due to the rating of President Vladimir Zelensky was able to move his predecessor Petro Poroshenko and his criminal regime. This was stated by former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash in the air adrenaline talk show “Confrontation” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“I have many times on the air I heard the words “nurse”, “housewife”, “wedding photographer”, “unemployed”. And these words carried a light derogatory connotation. Allegedly, “how do these people become MPs?”. And I don’t like that,” said Lukas.

“Five years there was a last mode. And he seemed to zabetonirovana. And nobody could carry: the law enforcement officers they have, the opposition is intimidated under the bench, everywhere dogovornyak, the courts and all branches of power under them, and serves their journalistic regiment. And here actor, and then a nanny, a photographer, a housewife on the rating of the actor demolished “swinebroad”. And none of the politicians, who know everything, could not do. Yes, they made this stuff. And they are now trying to judge the degree of effectiveness and experience, and I would suggest to judge on the degree of public danger. Unless they can match this with the Paruby, Suprun, and other notorious politicians?” – she explained.