Lucescu frankly told how much money Shakhtar thanks to him

Луческу откровенно рассказал, сколько денег заработал "Шахтер" благодаря ему

Former head coach of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu openly spoke about his influence on the transfers of the club.

According to the Romanian, he wisely invested in young players, which allowed Shakhtar to make good money.

Remember my “miner”. I bought players who were 19-20 years old, have always invested in them. This investment in a few years, have borne fruit. Shakhtar earned more than 350 million euros by selling players to big clubs. In addition to the trophies that I have won, it was also my job.

Beşiktaş, Galatasaray, Shakhtar … I’ve made progress in all these commands. The same happened after I left. Those who came to my place, I invested a lot of money in players, but success was not achieved. I’m not afraid of the crisis, not fear of lack of money. I don’t like showing off, shows, everything expensive is not for me,” Lucescu said in comments Fanatik.

By the way, Mircea Lucescu 12 years was the coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” (from 2004 to 2016). During this time the Pitmen 8 times won the championship of Ukraine and the UEFA Cup in 2008/09. In 2016, he headed the Russian “Zenith”, but has worked in this position for only one season.

After leaving Shakhtar in 2016 Lucescu led the Russian “Zenit and national team of Turkey, which was dismissed in February of this year.

In March Lucescu made a scandalous statement about his charge. He thinks he’s achieved more than Lobanovsky, who haven’t achieved anything abroad. Against the words Lucescu about Lobanovsky was made by the owner of the Golden ball-1986 Igor Belanov.

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