Lucky Smart at the Geneva motor show concept without side Windows

Smart везет на Женевский автосалон концепт без боковых стекол

The Germans have unveiled one of the debutants of the forthcoming Geneva motor show – concept cars smart forease+. The basis of the bright prototype went to the electric smart fortwo baby EQ with 82-horsepower engine with a battery that ensures a range of up to 160 km.

Last fall, mark smart at the motor show in Paris introduced the concept forease – a strange car without a roof and side Windows with a steering wheel reminiscent of the wheel of the aircraft. Electric car, designed for movement through the hustle of the large cities, were completely impractical, although conceptual models it is quite forgivable. However, at the sight of this miracle of technology, a natural question arises: what if the road will catch rain.

Without further ADO, the developers of Daimler will bring the answer to this riddle in four days in Geneva: smart forease+ is a logical continuation of the original concept, but with more contrasting colors, turned a little design and a roof. The latter is a molded piece of plastic covered with cloth. To the machine she attached to the upper edge of the windshield and in the rear of the car over the integrated spoiler. But about the side Windows engineers seem to have forgotten it.

It is unlikely that the novelty will receive a serial embodiment. But after a year the brand is planning to begin translating all your product range on electricity.