Lugansk today: even in the “holiday” to say nothing – 24 Channel

Луганск сегодня: даже в "праздник" сказать нечего - 24 Канал

Amazing impressions of the concerts to the “Day of national unity” in “LNB”.

At all events these holidays gave free games invitations: the circus at the annual festival “the future of Circus”, the Philharmonic – Julia Chicherin in the House of culture named after Lenin – Mark Tishman. To get invitation, you had a certain day to come to the booths, as free invitation dismantled faster than hot cakes at the station.

Here are generally a local phenomenon, the people free ready goes everywhere – even on children’s cartoons, at least for the concert of the Symphony orchestra. I was lucky to get invitations for Tishman, although our “head of the Republic” preferred day concert Chicherina, where in the ticket office of the Philharmonic invitation was not even three days before the concert.

Oddly enough, I have long doubted whether to go or not. Not in the Tishman case, and in the time of the concert beginning at 18:00. For those not in the subject, for “Republic” is prohibitively late. Philharmonic hall and theatres give a presentation at 14:00 with amendment local transportation. But here already 18:00. Leaving the house, I felt clearly out of my element – dark, late, weird.

At such moments it seems that life is not in principle anywhere, not just in my area. Even in DC, Lenin and I still had some doubts whether people will do the concert. To 2014-year to go somewhere at 19:00 was the most ordinary thing, and now I’m timid at 18:00, fearing the dark of the city.

But the people, and the concert was. I was surprised that most of the audience was very well-dressed. I even forgot that it happens – concerts, dressy people, a sense of celebration and no war. Of course, all tied to the “Day of national unity”. And the presenter talked about this a couple of times, “the head of the national Council” for the seed and congratulations were screwed “about our strength and courage as our grandparents” (everything always).

But the concert itself was great, and what needs to be concert with elegant audience, with a desire to dance and a standing ovation. A bit strained that the young performers of the group “Against the rules” again screwed up in our “fortitude and courage”. And, it seems, they simply had nothing to say about us. And this topic always rolls.

The same Chicherin in an interview after the concert said that we “learn some special courage.” Somehow it reminds of the concert in some orphanage where it would be necessary to say something to the audience is good, but nothing, so I say something conventional about the resilience of these people. This time I felt it particularly clearly.

And mark Tishman was good. No word about our special spirit and courage. Just sang, recited poems, spoke… Without any reference to this feast, to Lugansk. But it is this political neutrality has caused much greater response.

Probably referring to the war and courage of the order all tired. Or is it like a special button, which crushed everything without distinction. And yet it is eternal and everyone’s favorite local “politicians” comparing us with our grandparents-veterans.

Like, the same courage, bravery. But to hear it from the mouth of Denis Miroshnichenko, “the head of the national Council”, is nonsense. What was his personal courage four years ago when he and the current “Minister of culture” handed out humanitarian aid looted from “Metro”.

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