Luhansk residents will not be able to relax in his bathhouse

На Луганщине жители дома уже не смогут попариться в своей баньке

In Lugansk area rescuers liquidated a fire in a private bath.

As reported by rescuers, March 9, 2019 at 21:11 in service of rescue “101” received a message about the fire house to the address: popasnaja district, S. White mountain, St. Zubenko. Immediately to the place of call was sent to guard State firefighting and rescue unit No. 64 of 6 personnel on a fire truck”.

“On arrival at the place of call was confirmed that the fire that burned the walls and roof of the baths on an area of about 25 sq. M., there was a danger of tipping to the flame is located near the house and garage”, – stated in the message of rescuers.

“The dead and injured were found”, – added in a press-service gschs.

The causes and circumstances of the fire are being investigated.