Luhansk team can remain not only without TV, but without Internet

Луганчане могут остаться не только без ТВ, но и без интернета

“The Luhansk energetyczne Ob’єdnannya” turn off the power supply to the strategically objects

Consumers Luhansk region will be deprived not only of access to terrestrial broadcasting, but also mobile services and Internet access.

This is stated in circulation the largest industry Association, the Internet Association of Ukraine, NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov. The letter is dated 8 APR.

We will remind, in the end of last week in the Luhansk region, OOO “Lugansk energetyczne Ob’єdnannya” has disconnected the electricity supply to the strategic objects of state concern RRT – TV tower. This was announced by the Director of a local company Internet SDS Sergey Kushnarev.

Equipment telecommunication companies also work on generators, as I wrote it then.

“Numerous business entities in the field of telecommunications, using objects of Lugansk branch of the RRT Concern and providing the people of the region Telecom services and Internet access, were forced to switch to backup power sources, resources are limited,” the letter reads IAU Turchinov.