Lukashenka has given the go-ahead for the supply of missiles to Ukraine: “another knife in the back”

Лукашенко дал отмашку на поставку ракет в Украину: «очередной нож в спину»

Belarus gave Ukraine some thousands of guided anti-tank missiles: another “stab in the back” of the Kremlin

On the Telegram-channel “Bulba of thrones” message appears, which States that Alexander Lukashenko has allowed to enrich the Ukrainian armed forces, several thousand anti-tank missiles, which will adopt the new Ukrainian modification of the T – T-64BV.

“Lukashenko has put Ukraine, several thousand anti-tank guided missiles (URS) 9М124 1989-th year. They are guided armament package of the new Ukrainian modification of the tank T-64BV (mod 2017).

Effective range of the missile – 4800 meters. Ukraine has modernized over hundreds of tanks to the level of T-64BV mod. 2017 and imposes on them (and other tanks that are compatible with the Belarusian 9М124) a major role in a future conflict with the Russian Federation”, -stated in the publication “Bulba of thrones”.

Also it transpires that Belarus provides assistance with electronics for anti-tank systems “SKIF”.

This complex will soon join used in the Donbass ATGM “Stugna-P”.

The Belarusian President said that he “believes the Russian side”, which, according to Russia itself, did not violate the contract.

At the same time, Lukashenko sees the threat for Belarus, in particular on the possible deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe.

“Here already will not find us. Therefore, we need to be together with Russia to think about the response,” – said Alexander Lukashenko and added: “it will be Worse, if these missiles will be deployed (God forbid, hypothetically) on the territory of Ukraine”.

Also, Lukashenko on the eve of the day of defender of the Fatherland came into the main military institution of the country, where he talked with students and their teachers.

During the meeting, the President talked a bit about his service in the army, about the problems in the Armed forces that need to be addressed. In addition, the head of state shared his opinion on the work in this high post.

According to Lukashenko, in order to understand how the lives of the President, they need to be, but he does such a fate does not want.

We also wrote that Belarus is preparing for a confrontation with Russia.

Even politeka reported that Lukashenko has handed over to Putin, Belarus.

Лукашенко дал отмашку на поставку ракет в Украину: «очередной нож в спину»

Лукашенко дал отмашку на поставку ракет в Украину: «очередной нож в спину»