Lukashenko jokingly commented about his stroke

Лукашенко жартома прокоментував інформацію про свій інсульт

According to the Belarusian leader, saying instead, “double works”

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka appeared in public after reports of a possible stroke and jokingly commented on these rumors, writes UNIAN.

The corresponding plot out the evening of August 1 on the ONT TV channel, which shows as Lukashenko checks the harvest of wheat in the Minsk district. First, he asked one of the farmers: “next year I will add. You live another year? You especially do not promise, and then I buried a day ago, and you can bury it.”

Then the Belarusian leader answered the questions of journalists and responded to information about a possible stroke. One of the journalists said that “everyone was happy that the rumors have been greatly exaggerated”, what the Belarusian President replied: “they say that double runs, you grope me like that sometimes”.

According to the leader of the Belarusian social democratic party Mikalai Statkevich, the last time Lukashenko has appeared on national television on July 28. Since there was a lull, though usually the TV channels controlled by the authorities, daily broadcast stories about the actions of the President. 30 July began to spread rumors that Lukashenka had a stroke, after that he canceled his trip to Gomel and a few days did not appear on television.

Note that the rumors about the disease of the Belarusian leader began to spread first in Telegram channels, they were subsequently picked up by several media outlets. In particular, the newspaper “Business capital” pointed out that on 28 July, Alexander Lukashenko did not appear at public events and on 26 July he was supposed to arrive in Gomel, however, the visit did not take place. The reason journalists called a disease.