Lukasz: We don’t know the truth about the Maidan events, while the GPU sat the beneficiaries

Лукаш: Мы не узнаем правду о событиях Майдана, пока в ГПУ сидят выгодополучатели

Guilty of the bloody tragedy on the Euromaidan are members of the former government who received this benefit and were not interested in an objective investigation. This was stated by former Minister of justice Elena Lukash in the program “Theme” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“Again in Ukraine repeated the same story. Some say that the protesters were good and did everything properly, and second, that they were faced by law enforcement officers, who by law had the right to use force. And we sixth year, beat the water, was there not a third, fifth, seventh entities. the Main question is: who did it. And who could do it? The one who benefits. And who was the beneficiary of the Maidan. And you don’t know? Looking for the mythical third way? Look for another 20 years,” protested Lucas.

“The murder took place at the same time, in one place, in the same area, and possibly from the same weapon. Fell death of the brave employees of “Berkut” and interior Ministry have fallen protesters. And maybe with the same gun someone was killed, no? Why are things divided? The guilt must be sought not in us, not in the “Berkut” and protesters. Each of us acted according to the law and environment. And there are no winners, all of the victims. We’re all victims. And especially those who lost relatives,” she explained.

“Who is business divided and falsified? Who list of hundreds of Heaven turned mad bombers, and even falsified the list? Who did not carry out the normal comprehensive investigation, ballistics, trace evidence, and so on? And those who were in power the last five years. You need to say who is guilty and to demand a new investigation. And I must say that it will not. Because the Prosecutor General is headed by the beneficiaries of the Maidan. All the investigation will be overseen by a member of the Council or defense of the Maidan, Viktor Chumak, Ryaboshapka – beneficiary of the Maidan, and his Deputy KASKO generally the lawyer Lutsenko (ex-head of the GPU – ed.) who was involved in the weapon on the Maidan”, – concluded the ex-Minister.

  • The General Prosecutor of Ukraine filed to the court indictment against the police officers who illegally detained and beat activists during Euromaidan.
  • Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev released from-under guards eks-the fighter of special division “Berkut” Sergey Tuturu, who is accused of involvement in the shooting of 48 activists of Euromaidan.
  • The court satisfied the petition of lawyers ex-Berkut officers on the interrogation of several witnesses in the case of the Euromaidan 2014.
  • At the same time, the Kiev appellate court rejected another request to release former Berkut officers.
  • The Kyiv appellate court dismissed the petition attorneys ex-Berkut officers accused of shootings at Euromaidan in 2014.
  • The court sentenced to five years of imprisonment the former fighter of special forces “Berkut” Dmitry Belinskogo. He was accused of involvement in the dispersal of activists on independence square on 30 November 2013.
  • Also, the attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka said about the investigation of the Affairs of the Euromaidan.
  • The head of the GPU Ryaboshapka during a meeting with the Director of the State Bureau of investigation Roman Trumpet was agreed that the Bureau would be the Department which will investigate crimes committed on the Maidan.
  • The state Bureau of investigation is awaiting transmission at its disposal 5 000 volumes at the Euromaidan.
  • Some of the cases that relate to the events on Euromaidan, is still pending.