Lunar calendar for January 2020

Lunar calendar for January 2020 be by special calculation, given the position of the moon in a specific period of time. In this calendar you will find the lunar phase, taking into account the influence of the moon on your health, as well as a warning what not to do on specific days of the Lunar calendar.

Lunar calendar is a cyclic change of the four phases of the satellite.

Lunar calendar for January

1 JanuaryWaxing Moon7, day 8
2 JanWaxing Moon8, 9 day
3 JanFirst QWERTY9, 10 day,
4 JanWaxing Moon10, 11 day
5 JanWaxing Moon11, day 12
6 JanWaxing Moon12, day 13
January 7Waxing Moon13, 14 day
8 JanWaxing Moon14, 15 day
9 JanWaxing Moon15, 16 day
10 JanFull Moon16, day 17
11 JanWaning Moon17, day 18
12 JanWaning Moon18, 19 day
13 JanWaning Moon19, day 20
14 JanWaning Moon20, 21 days
15 JanWaning Moon21, 22 day
16 JanWaning Moon22 day
17 JanThe third QWERTY22, day 23
18 JanWaning Moon23, 24 day
19 JanWaning Moon24, 25 day
20 JanWaning Moon25, 26 day
21 JanWaning Moon26, 27 day
22 JanWaning Moon27, 28 day
23 JanWaning Moon28, 29 day
24 JanWaning Moon29, 30 day
25 JanNew Moon30, 1, day 2
26 JanGrowing day2, 3 day
27 JanWaxing Moon3, 4 day
28 JanWaxing Moon4, 5 day
29 JanWaxing Moon5, 6 day
30 JanWaxing Moon6, 7 day
31 JanWaxing Moon7, day 8

The Influence Of The Moon

Health, the overall activity of the human body, the mood is very much dependent on the lunar rhythm. The appearance of the sky the new moon means that the moon begins a new phase, and with it begin to grow our strength. At that time, a reduction in the overall gravity of the Sun and moon. This period is most favorable for beginning a new Wellness courses.

Full Moon. The sun and Moon at different opposite sides of the Earth, but because their influence has the opposite effect on the body. A full moon in our body at peak all the physiological processes. Activity in the full moon reaches the highest level, so for those who are inclined to nervous disease, a full Moon may prove to be the crisis period. It is very easy to lose control during the full moon, aggression and irritability especially increase.

The waning moon phase is characterized by the gradual approach of the moon and Sun to each other. This means that vitality and energy are on the decline, and the burst of energy is replaced by fatigue. The decreasing period of the month, perfect for a relaxing massage, relieve spasms, removal of warts and other neoplasms.

The period of the dark night is a period when we are mostly influenced by the Moon, although we can’t see her. This is the peak, when the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth, and their gravitational effects are summed. It is assumed that the period of the dark night is favorable for cleaning procedures and avoiding harmful habits.

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