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Місячний календар стрижок на серпень 2018: важливі поради - 24 Канал

Thanks to the lunar calendar haircuts can be very easy to determine favourable day for a procedure with hair. Calendar haircuts advises, what better day to choose to visit a hairdresser. Lunar calendar will help to learn their fate, in order to achieve success and avoid problems and troubles.

How will pass your days, depends on the time and period haircuts. Using the lunar calendar haircuts, comprehensive recommendations for every day, you can easily improve your life, to know what to expect in the future and how to prevent danger.

According to the lunar calendar in August 2018 cyclic changing of the phases of the moon will take place in the following sequence:

New moon – August 11, 2018, in 12 hours 57 minutes 37 seconds.
Full moon – August 26, 2018, in 14 hours 56 minutes 12 seconds.
Growing month – from 12 till 25 Aug 2018.
Waning moon – from 1 to 10 August and from 27 to 31 August 2018.

August 1 (Wednesday) – unfavorable time for cutting hair. The hair in this day is rebellious, so the hairdresser will be difficult to achieve the desired effect in the creation of hairstyles. Haircut on this day will lead to the formation of dandruff.

August 2 (Thursday) – a very unsuccessful time for change of image. The hair will become very damaged, brittle and thin, besides, it will be difficult to recover.

August 3 (Friday) – neutral time for cutting hair, but prosperous day to strengthen the scalp with medicinal lotions, masks and massage.

August 4 (Saturday) – any manipulation of the hair this day will end well. Coloring and cutting will help to bring happiness.

Місячний календар стрижок на серпень 2018: важливі поради - 24 Канал
Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 – when to cut hair

August 5 (Sunday) – an excellent day for cutting hair that will attract prosperity.

August 6 (Monday) – unfavorable time for cutting hair. After a while it becomes brittle, thin and start falling out.

August 7 (Tuesday) – the day is not conducive to a no mowing, no painting, since the procedures of hair can attract into your life the detractors.

August 8 (Wednesday) – this day should refrain from haircuts, as it is likely to attract into your life the disease.

August 9 (Thursday) – unfavorable day for cutting hair. If a haircut on this day, the hair will be unruly and brittle hair will fail to render the desired view.

August 10 (Friday) – good day for treatments hair and to change the image.

August 11 (Saturday) – a good time for cutting hair. Even if you cut only the tips of the hair will be strong and sturdy. It will grow slowly, but will be thick and healthy.

August 12 (Sunday) – recommended in this day to give up going to the hairdresser.

Місячний календар стрижок на серпень 2018: важливі поради - 24 Канал
Auspicious days for cutting hair: 5, 10, 11, 13, 19 August and other dates

August 13 (Monday) – very good time for cutting hair. A hair cut at this time will become healthier and stronger, will recover quickly and grow. When hair is dyed, the color will be rich and not to smilutils.

14 August (Tuesday) – a perfect day for cutting hair, because it will be long beautiful and will hold its shape. To make your hair strong and healthy, is to make a firming mask for the hair.

August 15 (Wednesday) – the haircut on this day will bring bad luck.

August 16 (Thursday) – this day is worth the wait with a haircut, there’s a probability of getting sick.

August 17 (Friday) – good day for any of the procedures. It represents a missed opportunity for new beginnings and things.

August 18 (Saturday) – neutral day for hair cutting, but they will grow quickly.

August 19 (Sunday) – if you get a haircut that day, your life will suddenly be filled with pleasant events.

August 20 (Monday) – a perfect day to enhance your physical appearance at the expense of any manipulations with hair.

Місячний календар стрижок на серпень 2018: важливі поради - 24 Канал
Haircuts in August 2018: the condition of the hair depends on the haircut according to the lunar calendar

August 21 (Tuesday) – strictly forbidden to cut hair, because you can get a lot of troubles.

August 22 (Wednesday) – haircut on this day is likely to attract conflicts with family, friends and colleagues.

August 23 (Thursday) – contraindicated to cut hair, so as not to disturb the harmony in life.

August 24 (Friday) – not desirable in this day to visit the Barber, so as not to attract undue fear.

August 25 (Saturday) – a good day to radically change the image. Haircut will bring wealth and good luck.

August 26 (Sunday) – dysfunctional period for the haircuts. There is a possibility of dandruff. Hair can become brittle and unruly.

August 27 (Monday) – if you cut hair on this day will increase sensitivity to allergies, increase risk of fungal disease.

August 28 (Tuesday) – haircut on this day will attract bright moments of happiness.

August 29 (Wednesday) – bad day for treatments hair.

August 30 (Thursday) – a special day for coloring and cutting hair, because this day, your inspiration and success will go to the mountain.

August 31 (Friday) – the ideal time for cutting hair.

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