Lunar calendar of June 2019

Лунный календарь на июнь 2019

Lunar calendar for April 2019, are based on special calculations, given its position in a specific period of time. As we know, the lunar calendar is a cyclic change of the four phases of the satellite. Therefore, in this calendar you will find the lunar phase, taking into account the influence of the moon on your health and cautions that we should not do.

Lunar calendar for June

1 JunWaning moon27,28 the day
2 JunWaning moon28,29 day
3 JunNew moon29, 30, 1 day
4 JunWaxing moon1.2 day
5 JunWaxing moon2.3 day
6 JunWaxing moon3.4 day
7 JunWaxing moon4,5 day
8 JunWaxing moon5,6 day
9 JunWaxing moon6.7 day
10 JunFirst quarter7.8 day
11 JunWaxing moon8.9 day
June 12Waxing moon9,10 day
13 JunWaxing moon10,11 the day
14 JunWaxing moon11,12 day
15 JunWaxing moon12,13 day
16 JunWaxing moon13,14 day
17 JunFull moon14,15 day
18 JunWaning moon15,16 the day
19 JunWaning moon16,17 day
20 JunWaning moon17,18 day
21 JunWaning moon18,19 day
22 JunWaning moon19 day
23 JunWaning moon19,20 day
24 JunWaning moon20,21 day
25 JunThird quarter21,22 day
26 JunWaning moon22,23 the day
27 JunWaning moon23,24 day
28 JunWaning moon24,25 day
29 JunWaning moon25,26 the day
30 JuneWaning moon26,27 day

The Influence Of The Moon

New moon, full moon and the days of the first and last quarters of the moon is a period of enhanced interaction of the Sun and moon. These days for man are unfavorable.

Cycle in the calendar of the moon lasts about 29.5 earth days from one new moon to another, passing through four phases, which are also called quarters. Normal lunar day lasts from one moonrise to the next. Lunar day long sun, and the moon rising the next day always occurs later than in previous times. The moon is rising not only at night but during the day – precisely because everyone at least once observed in the sky at the same time and the Sun and the moon.

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