Lunar Eclipse July 17, 2019: when and where will be seen

Лунное затмение 17 июля 2019: где и когда будет видно

A lunar Eclipse happens on the night of July 17, 2019. It can be seen in most parts of Europe, particularly in Ukraine. The moon will enter the Earth’s shadow at 65%, that is, there will be a partial lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse: where and when will be visible

The moon will enter the Earth’s shadow in the night from 16 to 17 July. For Ukrainians it will happen almost immediately after midnight at 00:31.

Maximum phase of the Eclipse will come in a few minutes – at 0:40 (Kyiv time). After that, the satellite of the Earth go into a stage of full moon.

By the way, in the US, this full moon is called “reindeer”. This is due to the fact that at this time of year a deer has new horns. Also, this phenomenon is called the storm Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms in the summer.

What is a lunar Eclipse? This phenomenon, which occurs when Earth is between the sun and the Moon and the Moon in the shadow or penumbra of the Earth.

A total lunar Eclipse occurs when the sun’s rays for some time do not fall directly on the surface of the moon. During this Eclipse the moon’s surface the Earth becomes dark red, but it does not disappear completely.

A partial Eclipse is when the shadow gets only part of the moon. In this type of Eclipse, even in the maximum phase, the part of the moon remains in partial shade and is illuminated by sunlight.

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