Lunar Eclipse July 2020: striking photos from social networks

Лунное затмение в июле 2020: яркие фото из соцсетей

Лунное затмение в июле 2020: яркие фото из соцсетей

July 5 was a new penumbral lunar Eclipse. Kiev time, this phenomenon began at 6 am. Therefore, the Ukrainians have not had the opportunity to see him.

Then, the channel 24 has collected the most vivid pictures of the social networks on which you can see a penumbral lunar Eclipse.

As you know, best of all, this penumbral Eclipse was visible to people in Central and South America. They published a photo of this phenomenon in social networks.

What is penumbral lunar Eclipse?

This kind of lunar Eclipse. When the penumbral Eclipse the Moon only enters the penumbra of the Earth. This type of Eclipse is subtle, so to the naked eye its hard to see, so it is better to use special equipment. In General, 35% of all eclipses will relate to semi-transparent type. Another 35% is total Eclipse, which happens much less frequently, but they are much brighter and clearly visible from the Ground.

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