Lunin debut for Valladolid in the Spanish Cup

Coach, “Valladolid” Sergio Gonzalez promised that the Ukrainian goalkeeper Andrei Lunin will play their first match of the season.

December 18 team in the framework of the Spanish Cup will meet with “Tologoy”, and will be released Lunin, who this season played only for Ukraine.

Many of those who do not play in the championship, will be released in the match of the Spanish Cup. And Lunin among them. We are delighted that Andrew will get playing time
Gonzales said.

The match will be held on December 18, beginning at 19.00. The “Tholos” is the 4th division of Spain.

Lunin in August became the player of club Valladolid on loan, from the time he was 17 times into a squad for the matches, but did not play never.