Lunin has reflected a penalty in the match against the team Zozulya in the championship of Spain – video

In the match of Spanish Segunda between “Oviedo” and “Albacete” was held the Ukrainian duel 2 goalkeeper Andrey Lunin opposed to the attacker Roman Zozulya.

At the end of the first half against “Oviedo” was assigned a penalty. Earned it as times Roman Rosula. However, the ball went to Pedro. And he and mark did not beat the Ukrainian goalkeeper.

But the player “Albacete” first appeared on the rebound and still sent the ball over the goal line.

Video reflected by Leninym penalty

It should be noted that this “Oviedo” was ahead in the score. Although Bergan also missed a penalty. However Tejero has excelled. And in the second half baldé again brought “Oviedo” forward in the match.

As for the Ukrainians, for the city is the fourth entry into the field for “Oviedo” after the transition. However, he was missing in each of these matches. Zozulya came in 23 match for Segunda Albacete