Lutsenko and Sytnik started to argue because of the “87 pages of correspondence” of the defendants defence scandal

Луценко и Сытник устроили перепалку из-за "87 страниц переписки" фигурантов оборонного скандала

The attorney General said that the NAB two years had access to the correspondence.

During his speech Lutsenko said that in 2017, the Prosecutor’s office sent to NABOO 87 pages of correspondence with the telephone number of the owner of the company “Optionspecial” Andrew Romance, where were the names of all persons involved in a journalistic investigation, “and Romance, and Zhukov, and Gladkovsky, and heads of defense industry”.

Sitnic said that the received no correspondence.

“We have not received correspondence of Mr. Zhukov and Mr. Svinarchuk. Let’s tell the truth about what happened in the first, second and third story, we learned from the stories themselves. And is now under investigation,” he added.

Sytnik said that he does not understand why this information is voiced.

“I have to ask you as to the attorney General. Maybe not be evident who is who and what was sent, but just to come to a common denominator. If you have any materials that, in your opinion, belong to our jurisdiction, we tell them,” – said the Director of the NABOO.

Lutsenko said that for years the Prosecutor’s office “tired to answer for the sins of others”. “Theft and corruption in the two Parties is solely your work,” – said the Prosecutor General.

He reiterated that the 87 pages of correspondence were sent to NABOO. “There is clearly stated: a conversation between Cattail and Moskalenko, between Cattail and Shevchenko, Cattail and Litvinenko, Cattail and Zhukov, letters signed Uglovoy and other detectives, and even the memory of the maker, which is your constituency,” – said Lutsenko.

“17 years you have this folder, which describes the correspondence, who and how through Shevchenko and other deals with your subordinates and why out letters under the signatures of your subordinates for tracing that you send them the figures. Tell me, in two years you have given them the rating?” – Lutsenko was indignant.

“I have over the past year 600 police officers went with the suspicion, 20 [employees], SBU, 30 prosecutors. Question: these two or three went or not? That’s all,” he added.

According to journalists, the “Optimistically” NABOO was his own man – informant Evgeny Shevchenko, who participated in several operations Bureau undercover. As it turned out, he invested about $ 1 million in this business and actually was interested.