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Луценко пояснив, чому вирішив подати у відставку з посади генпрокурора - 24 Канал

Yuri Lutsenko claims that he wrote a letter of resignation from the post of attorney General, because after the death of activist Catherine Gandzyuk in society was a certain excitement.

Such statement the head of the GPU was made on air of TV channel “Direct”.

“Hm I resigned? Not because I think myself in something guilty, though, of course, I’m not sinless. I just saw in Parliament it was not about the investigation. Ranters did not care who was detained, is there any version, or someone being interrogated. And they were interested in power! It’s not public activists, and this is MPs. It is the leaders of the parties that are disguised as civil society activists to achieve power,” – he said.

According to the public Prosecutor, in General, this situation is not a problem, however, he says, now in Ukraine there is a specific situation.

I personally believe that we lost the information war Moscow. Why? Because I see the result. Because the kitchens, on the streets, in public transport – in the war are increasingly guilty of not Putin, and Poroshenko. And it is imposed on society. And with these slogans politicians go to the polls because today is not to blame Yanukovych, who robbed Ukraine and started a war, and Lutsenko, who returned to the Treasury $ 1.5 billion stolen from the people. So today, are not guilty of five specific killers Kati Gandzyuk, a law enforcement system that tries to protect thousands of people. It so happened that we will lose this war due to the fact that the “fifth column” he wants power,
– the official added.

As explained Lutsenko, thus, he had in the Parliament to demonstrate that it does not speak of power, because “she does not cling, it didn’t ask”.

“I resign – assign Mustafa Nayem. Maybe it will work better. No objection. Parliament has put the issue on the ballot. For my retirement voted 38 members. The President, who received my application on this basis denied my request. To say that it brings me joy or grief – I don’t know. It’s probably just carry on my responsibility,” – said the Prosecutor General.

In addition, Lutsenko commented on further stay on the post of head of the GPU.

“Look, the attorney General can be removed in two ways. If he wrote a letter to the President, the President submits to the Parliament, and the Parliament supported by 226 votes. The second option – when the Parliament gathers 150 votes, raising the issue on the agenda. I remained at his post for more than 2,5 years every day and almost all night. But in this situation I believe that he did it, teaches us that the European practice. In the case of acute public outrage responsible for a particular area of work offers to send himself to resignation. If in our case the President and Parliament agreed to it – so be it”, says he.

Also Lutsenko is assured that is ready to continue work on a post of the public Prosecutor, despite the wave of insults, mistrust and accusations.

“The only thing I would like to ask that I was not charged as it did the last time, a small part of the Parliament. To say that the blood Gandzyuk lies on Lutsenko, from my point of view, is a sordid and unacceptable for anyone,” stated Lutsenko.

Recall, November 6, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko decided to resign after the death of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk, citing the fact that “does not want to hold on to the chair.” After that, at the request of the first Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko question about the dismissal of Lutsenko from the post of Prosecutor General was put on a rating vote. Voted “for” 38 deputies, 116 against.

November 7, the attorney General gave President Petro Poroshenko a letter of resignation from his post, however, that, according to Lutsenko, negatively perceived her, but promised to consider. November 9, the Ukrainian guarantor returned the statement of the Prosecutor General, citing the fact that Yury Lutsenko has received a vote of confidence in Parliament. After that, the head of the GPU stated that it “will work as” all cases concerning attacks on activists.

The outcome of Lutsenko on a post of the public Prosecutor: see video



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