Lutsenko focused on the study of the actions of investigative journalists and not plunderers – expert

Луценко сосредоточился на изучении действий журналистов-расследователей, а не расхитителей - эксперт

Who said on 6 March this year at the meeting of the Council on the finish line in the investigation of theft and theft in the defense industry, the General Prosecutor, Yu. Lutsenko, it seems, moved in the opposite direction from investigators of other law enforcement agencies and focused all his efforts on the study of the actions of investigative journalists.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Dmitri Mendeleev. According to him, apparently, Yuri V. seriously believes that journalists, supposedly “drain” in the media, the investigation for corrupt officials, have used “spectator doping” and finished in this multi-year cross law enforcement first, ahead of calling the names of the main defendants in the corruption schemes in the defense industry and their senior collaborators.

“Most likely, the motive of the journalists was completely different – not to allow the investigators and their supervisors to “merge” the resonant criminal proceedings. Although after the last meeting of the parliamentary Commission of inquiry the assurance that the punishment will bear not pawns, and the leaders of organized criminal groups in the defense industry, not increased,” – said the expert.