Lutsenko, invited Yanukovych in Kyiv on the appeal of the sentence of treason

Луценко пригласил Януковича в Киев на апелляцию приговора о госизмене

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko once again publicly called on ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, who was convicted for treason, to return to Ukraine to stand trial. The head of the GPU reminded that Yanukovych, as any convicted person has a right to challenge the sentence on appeal.

“The best way to implement their right to protect the citizen Yanukovych can one simple way is to arrive in Kiev to sit down and deal with the protection of the court of appeal”, – Lutsenko declared to journalists in Kiev on Wednesday, February 6.

According to the public Prosecutor, it would be “boldly, bravely and honestly”, but Yanukovych won’t do that, because it does not possess these qualities.

Commenting on the press conference of the convicted ex-President, Lutsenko advised to “ignore” all his statements.