Lutsenko made public the documents confirming that Babikov Yanukovych defended in court

Луценко опубликовал документы, подтверждающие, что Бабиков защищал Януковича в суде

28 Jan gerenally former Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko in Facebook has published copies of documents which confirm that the Deputy Director of the State Bureau of investigation Alexander Babikov defended the interests of the fugitive President, Viktor Yanukovych.

So, he unveiled a copy of the warrant Babikova on legal aid Yanukovych. The document is dated 2017. In addition, the former head of the GPU has published a fragment of the definition of Pechersky district court of Kyiv, for disqualification of a judge, where Babikov is listed as the representative of the former President.

Also Lutsenko unveiled the first page of the appeal, which Babikov was filed in the interest of Yanukovych in March 2018.

“Worse than a lawyer Yanukovych for the post of first Deputy RRT can only be false the officer of the RRG, who claims that he didn’t defend Yanukovych,” – wrote the former head of the Prosecutor General.

January 28, Babikov said it did not represent the rights and interests of Yanukovych, “especially in the Affairs of the Maidan.” He noted that he was not familiar with the former President and did not sign with them contracts on rendering of legal services; the protection of Yanukovych were done by other employees of enterprises Aver Lex.

The appearance of petitions to the case of the Maidan, which is under his signature, the lawyer explained that due to the limited deadlines for submission of procedural documents, “sometimes there is a technical need to sign the documents to the lawyer who is actually in the law Union”.

The Prosecutor Office of Prosecutor General Janis Simon, who represented the prosecution in the case of Yanukovych, denied his words.

On Jan 20 GBR website has information on Babikova appointment to the post of first Deputy Director.

18 Jan Law Advisory group, members of the families of the Heavenly hundred heroes and human rights activists have appealed to the acting Director, GBR Irina Venediktova and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with the requirement not to allow appointment of Babikov Deputy Director of the RRT.

As noted by the “Voice of America” Venediktov “sees no obstacles to trust the lawyer Yanukovych audit of the Affairs of the Maidan.” She said the relatives of the victims on the Maidan, that the competition Commission found Babikov conflict of interest. Venediktov argued that its first Deputy will not be the curator of the investigation into the Affairs of the Maidan.