Lutsenko said that in the framework of the investigation will conduct a linguistic examination of the statements of Medvedchuk

Луценко сообщил, что в рамках следствия проведут лингвистическую экспертизу заявлений Медведчука

A statement by the head of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, Viktor Medvedchuk needed to verify “the presence of appeals to the information support of the terrorists and the aggressor,” said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

The investigator in criminal proceedings against the head of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk in the near future will send a request for a linguistic examination of his statements, said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko to journalists in Kyiv, reports the correspondent of the Internet edition “GORDON”.

He stressed that the article is about treason, “includes not only the transition to the enemy, providing him with material, financial or other assistance, but information and assistance in subversive activities against our state, which is committed by the aggressor nation or other groups in armed conflict”.

“So people who claim the same goals or the appropriateness of the objectives of the Kremlin, or “LNR/DNR”, from my point of view, subject to this article. However, statements of mister Medvedchuk are quite legally sophisticated disguise, because he constantly stresses that we are talking only about the draft law on amendments to the Constitution. Of course, every politician can campaign for a change in any law, including the Main. I, however, insist that even if legally prudent wording about the possibility of a change in the Constitution coincides with the declared goals and practices of terrorists in temporarily occupied territories, there are signs of information support of subversive activities against our state,” – said the Prosecutor General.

He added that in the course of linguistic examination of the statements of Medvedchuk check “for the presence of appeals to the information support of the terrorists and the aggressor”.

“I thoroughly analyze the statements of Medvedchuk in the course of the year, but only now, during the election Congress of the party “Opposition platform For life”, it is, from my point of view, they clearly declared the same intentions that are declared in Moscow and sold illegally on the temporarily occupied territories. Talking about the Minsk plan, the possibility of Autonomous status within a unitary state, all that we could perceive, but a statement saying that the Donbas must be created by their own government and Parliament, is not exactly the subject of the Minsk agreements and are exactly the same as what you want in Moscow and do in occupied Donetsk and Luhansk. That’s why this time of Medvedchuk’s statement is of particular attention”, – Lutsenko added.

He stressed that he did not know how long will the examination.

“Some of the examination last for months, some even years. Everything will depend on expert and its utilization,” – said the Prosecutor General.

February 5, HCP reported about opening of criminal proceedings against Medvedchuk in connection with possible treason and separatism. Proceedings opened at the request of people’s Deputy from “popular front” Andrew Teteruk.

In the GPU stressed that appeals Medvedchuk to create “Autonomous region Donbass” help Russia in carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine.

Himself he declared that normally responds to the opening of the case by the Prosecutor General.

Medvedchuk is the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin.