Lutsenko summed up anti-corruption activities of the Prosecutor General

Луценко подвел итоги антикоррупционной деятельности Генпрокуратуры

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko assures that in Ukraine there are many problems that download illegally from the budget huge amounts of money. According to him, some of them managed to solve it and finally to return 125 billion.

As told the head of the GPU in a video posted on his Facebook page, prosecutors dealing with officials of a category “B”. That is, those persons who are between the Chairman of the village Council to the Deputy head of RSA, however, provided that those corrupt way has appropriated more than 1 million hryvnia. The officers, having higher status, or so-called category “A” (from the head of the regional state administration to Ministers, head of government and President), doing Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office, and controlled by her anti-corruption Bureau.

According to Lutsenko, three years in Ukraine because of the actions of the Prosecutor General was made 2 thousand 876 sentences to corrupt officials and to the budget of Ukraine returned 125 billion. With regard to top corrupt officials, made 0 sentences and returned to the budget only UAH 450 million.

In addition, he bragged that the law enforcers managed to block several sources of corruption. In particular, according to the unjust procedure of public procurement, kickbacks in VAT refund for export contracts, firms gaskets and joint ventures in the “Naftogaz” and “shadow” access to mining licenses , oil, gas, amber, sand and the like.

However, said the public Prosecutor, there are still many problems, and the three most important of them is:

– public sector

– customs

– raiding

In mid-may two resolutions of no confidence in Lutsenko was prepared by MPs Ihor Lutsenko and Yegor Sobolev. For the first day both together collected more than 60 signatures of MPs. In addition, earlier in Kiev, his resignation was demanded by activists.


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