Luxembourg is filing a complaint against the national team of Ukraine due Moraes

Люксембург подает жалобу на сборную Украины из-за Мораеса

The Luxembourg football Federation was not sure of the legality of the performances of Junior Moraes for the national team of Ukraine.

The head of the football Federation of Luxembourg Paul Philip stated that the organization will file a complaint because of the games for the national team of Ukraine Junior Moraes.

“The complaint will be filed on Tuesday,” confirmed Philippe, informs Sport Arena.

Luxembourgers believe that Moraes had no right to speak for Ukraine, because have not lived in the country continuously for 5 years – he went with the “Dynamo” for 4 month rental in China.

As you know, the Ukrainian team suffered the victory in the match against the national team of Luxembourg. Decisive was an own goal from Rodriguez in injury time. With this victory Ukraine topped group B after two Maciej. In the asset “blue-yellow” four points.

The next day, the media reported that Junior Moraes had no right to play for the national team of Ukraine. In particular, doubts the validity Moraes play for Ukraine Portuguese newspaper Mais Futebol. They announced that the striker has not lived continuously for at least five years after reaching 18 years of age at the territory of Ukraine.

However, the sports lawyers explain Moraes nothing broke. In Ukraine continuous year of stay is the stay in the country 183 days per year. When Moraes has performed in China, he in total spent in that year more than 183 days on the territory of Ukraine, and therefore there was no violation. The Brazilian received
Ukrainian citizenship on March 18, and was called to the national team on the 19th.

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