Luxury paper drift Toyota Supra among the parts (VIDEO)

Роскошный дрифт бумажной Toyota Supra среди запчастей (ВИДЕО)

And what else to do, the rider on the isolation? Of course, to remove the cartoons.

Fun than glued paper model of sports cars, while their owner and the Creator leaves the room? Oddly enough, satisfied self-destructive competition. Amazing video in the genre of stop-motion appeared on the official channel of sports team Papadakis Racing, is known primarily for three titles in the series Formula Drift.

The leader of the peleton paper – copy of the official sports car team on the basis of actual Toyota Supra in the original livery of Rockstar Energy. But among the other participants of the competitions you notice, for example, an older Toyota Corolla – another drift supercar Papadakis Racing, under the hood, which in real life lives tysyacheletiy power unit. And assists them to a crowd of Toyota GT86.

And toy in with the smoke from the wheels, modeled using a cotton ball, similar to a real death race. Paper route for supercars modeled using real components from the chassis and engines from the racing cars, and the little ones had to deal with a huge number of dangers. Under the rotating crankshaft, and shreds the belt press, around every corner lurk the treacherous obstacles… Spoiler: some did not survive.

Of course, racing may not be as spectacular as the real races (although some may be with us and disagree). But in the era of self-isolation and quarantine, when we still do not believe in the imminent return of the true sports battles, entertainment, titled drifters look very cute.