Lviv sheep as a Vice-President

Львівські вівці: як віце-президент

In the match of the 8th round Karpaty Lviv took home Vorskla Poltava. Two weeks before that in the previous round Lvov unexpectedly, but deservedly, defeated on the outskirts of Kiev “Dynamo”, having hammered into gate of Kiev two goals. Despite this, the match against “Vorskla” came very few spectators.

According to official data, the match was attended by 1756 only spectators. A bit little for Lviv (the city’s population more than 726 thousand people, with a Metropolitan area of about a million). Yes, and the stadium can accommodate 28 thousand.

This situation caused an uproar in the Vice-President of FC Karpaty Aleh Smalyukh (saved “author” style).

The main problem in the modern Carpathian mountains are the fans…Yesterday the guys went to the game, saw the “real support”. As much as fifteen hundred… Count how many seats the stadium vdmosfet how much it is and you will understand how Lviv sheep. Sheep do more than real fans. And this at a time when young boys, who eyes were looking for your presence, really need your support
– posted by Smalyuk after the match.

I should add that not everyone agrees with such statements. Host of “Datoteke” and fans of FC Karpaty Sergei Bolotnikov.

“I think the main problem of Karpaty and the Ukrainian football is that such managers. They do not realize that there is a core audience, and there are a huge number of potential fans. They don’t want or can’t see that times have changed and for the audience there is a real war. They think that to attract the audience not to do a good product, it is enough to call people sheep” – summed up Sergey Bolotnikov.

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