Lviv, the company will deliver to Kiev 20 trams

Львовское предприятие поставит Киеву 20 трамваев

Joint Ukrainian-German venture “Electrontrans” put Kiev 10 low-floor tram cars. It is assumed that the purchase amount will be 497,962 million UAH under the terms of the auction, which took place on Tuesday in the ProZorro.

Only competitor “Electrotrans” dealer of the Russian Ust-Katavsky car-building plant, OOO “Trading house UKVZ-Ukraine”. The difference between the price of the winner and the second participant amounted to 6 thousand UAH.

It is expected that Kiev will receive new trams until 31 December of the current year.

Previously, “Electrontrans” bypassed the Polish Pesa Bydgoszcz in the tender to supply Kiev 10 units 26-meter-long tram cars.

Kyiv authorities approved the program of development of transport infrastructure until 2023 with a budget of 76.4 billion UAH. The program plans to upgrade 400 units of public transport. In 2019 the European Bank for reconstruction and development plans to allocate to Kiev 320 million Euro for transport projects. The Bank has already allocated 60 million euros for the purchase of 185 buses and 202 trolleybuses for “Kievpasstransa” and EUR 40 million – 50 cars for the metro. The implementation period of the projects until 2021.