Lydia Kamensky openly talked about the relationship with his son Potapov: as the rapper calls the mother-in-law

Ukrainian star pretty wife often speak about harmony in the new family. However, the details of communication with relatives to share not in a hurry. But Nastya Kamensky took the responsibility to disclose the relationship with the famous son-in-law Potapov.

Seductive singer Nastya Kamensky repeatedly convince the public that gets along well with his 64-year-old mother Lydia. A woman who supports the star’s daughter. As it turned out, was no exception and her Union with the rapper Potap.

Lydia Kamensky gave a Frank interview in the program “Life of famous people” on TV channel “1+1”. During the conversation she could not ignore the relationship with his newfound son-in-law. The woman assured that they by got along really well. A convincing argument of their perfect relationship was the fact that the mother-in-law of the farm is gently drawn “mother”.

Just my life, I’ve been in love. And Nastya saw it. She has seen how we love, what we respect. How many years have we together. And she somehow wanted to imagine such a fate. And said, “Mom, I my Alex is a bit like our dad.” So I am very pleased. And I son-in-law wanted
– said Lydia Kamensky.

With the woman applies to a healthy way of life of the spouses. For Nastya and Alexei she cooks a lot of the right Goodies, the recipes for which she had to learn.

I know the correct recipe of meatballs. I they are prepared. And sometimes even they don’t know. When they were in Mexico, I knew when you get here. I think – and cook them burgers. They come, they will be hungry. I love them. It’s my children,
commented on mom Kamensky.