Lyubimovskogo team loggers, looters threatened the villagers with violence

Любимовская бригада лесорубов-мародеров угрожает селянам расправой

In lyubymivka unbelted team loggers-poachers who are after the police threatened to kill the villagers sent a “response” in the form of a funeral wreath. About this on his page on FB said Nikolai Masalov.

“Today, after midnight, I got a warning from lyubimovskogo brigade “lumberjacks.”

The day before I called the police in order to delay for a place of cutting down these marauders. Knocked everything in the beam for pig farm (it’s just one of the episodes of their activities): forest plantation of ash is finished, the course is wild pear, willow, poplar, maple, acacia, oak. Last year the beam family went on a picnic, sit on the grass under the trees, play football with the kids. There now that the Typhoon has passed, some branches scattered.

After calling me police, Gupalo Gennady threatened me with physical violence. What is called – promptly came the response.

This is our environment in which we and our children live. And a small organized group of marauders just spits all of us in the face. They decided that it was all good and that you can earn money. And who does not agree will get a warning. Maybe the last.

In this group there was a proposal to send to the regional office of public Prosecutor the collective statement of inhabitants Lyubimovskyyo village Council with a request (or requirement) to take control of the situation with the activity of a criminal group in our village.

I appeal to all deputies Lyubimovskyyo village Council to stay away. Because you are primarily an example of high morality and media law on behalf of all your constituents. At least it should be.

People look at your reaction and if it is zero, then others think “And me what more do you want?”

Who agrees to put his signature under the statement in office of public Prosecutor write in the comments to this post or to me in private messages (no one will see), if for some reason you do not want to do so publicly.

Such notification (as pictured) can come in each house who openly dare to Express their opinion against the looting and outright banditry on the territory of our community. But to not leave evil unpunished. In itself it will not work and will only grow”, – stated in the message.

Любимовская бригада лесорубов-мародеров угрожает селянам расправой