Lyudmila (Luda) name: value, character, and why birthday September 29

Людмила (Люда): значение имени, характер и почему именины 29 сентября

Sunday, September 29 (September 16 old style), the Orthodox honor the memory of Martyr Ludmilla – Princess Czech.

In this regard, marked the birthday of Ludmila.

Holy Martyr Ludmila of Czech (about 860 – 15 September 921) – the wife of the Czech Prince Bořivoj I.

Saint Ludmila was the teacher of Prince Wenceslas Saint and Regent for him.

The Fate Of Lyudmila

She was the first patron of the Czech state.

Princess Ludmila helped to establish the Christian faith, and in the night from 15 to 16 September 921 was strangled by pagan nobles. It is considered as a murder weapon was used veil Princess who later became its symbol.

Holy Martyr Lyudmila

Lyudmila became a Martyr and was canonized in the years 1143-1144.

The prayer of St. Ludmila on every day

Pray to God for me, Holy God pleaser Ludmila, like AZ hard unto thee, the ambulance assistant and the molitvennitsa on my soul.

The value of name and character

Ludmila – a popular female name of Slavic origin, which literally means people honey.

Lyudmila strong will, rich in intuition, and magical feminine charm.

Lyudmila emotionally focused, very sensitive woman taking close to heart many of the events occurring round it.

She can not remain indifferent, but if she can’t help, at least Express your attitude and support will tell others about injustice or about the joyous event.

While Lyudmila is not gossip girl, will not have to invent or embellish. She is very attached to home and family.

Людмила (Люда): значение имени, характер и почему именины 29 сентября