Machinery and repairs for the communities of the Kherson region

Спецтехника и ремонты для громад Херсонщины

School bus, special equipment for utility companies, now appeared at Dolmatovsky rural OTG.

All in all this project was tadatsune 3 million 63 thousand UAH. including subvention of 2 million 850 thousand UAH. plus the money of the local budget – 213 thousand UAH.

And Gladkovskaya if it’s due to the subsidy also purchased machinery and the necessary equipment for the enterprise “Yavir” on 200 thousand UAH. Plus repair in kindergarten “Herringbone” cost if it’s 1 million 341 thousand UAH, in Gladkowski school – 0,5 million UAH and in Tauris school in the amount of 557,5 thousand UAH.