Macron commemorated in the First world war

Макрон почтил память погибших в Первой мировой войне

In the framework of the events dedicated to the centenary of the First world war, the President of France Emmanuel macron visited the military cemetery of Notre-Dame-de – Lorette, in the town of Notre Dame de Lorette national Saint-Nazaire. Here is the world’s largest international memorial perpetuating the memory 580 thousand fallen soldiers. The perimeter of the “Ring of memory” opened four years ago, is 350 metres away. On a plaque engraved with the names of fallen soldiers, in alphabetical order, without specifying the nationality and titles. And on different sides of the fighting the soldiers of the forty countries.

The culmination of the celebrations in connection with the centenary of the First world, will be the ceremony in Paris, which will be held at the arc de Triomphe on Sunday, November 11. On this day one hundred years ago in the forest of Compiegne near Paris was signed the agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

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