Macron wants independence in Europe, but with the participation of Putin – Politico

Макрон хочет независимости Европы, но с участием Путина, - Politico

The President of France Emmanuel macron wants to become the new leader of Europe and to make it independent from the United States. But relied on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. 24 channel moved from the main article.

France centre and the European Putin

Makron seriously aspire to leadership in the EU after 2021, your post will leave German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, flirting with Vladimir Putin and participation in the Normandy format draws of the French President in a dangerous game: how to be the leader of a country, which occupied part of Ukraine, annexed Crimea, killing his critics directly in the capitals of Europe and has conducted cyber attacks?

Besides, there are fears that Putin – a former intelligence officer – just a replay of the Macron in the long game and in General – it all plays into the hands of the Kremlin and encourages his unpunished actions. Although the macron calls his Russian policy “to improve collective defence and stability of Europe.” Says he does not have rose-colored glasses, everything is done to promote Eurointegration.

Approach the owner of the Elysee Palace, several times they announced, is: to lead Europe out of the dependence on the United States, to develop an Autonomous or even an independent policy. Agnieszka Goland, Polish Director, said in the article that macron “very seductive” and “overestimates the power of his temptation.”

Based on this macron and is building its foreign policy method: put France?? in the centre of European policy and faith in personal relations with other leaders (as it looks like Donald trump whose policies Makron so criticized!).

He often tells the story of the death of the brother of Putin in the Leningrad blockade, to show the “European” origin of the leader of Russia and that Russia is “deeply European country”. Macron hopes to persuade Putin to believe that the European future for his country would benefit more than China, which Russia is only a Junior partner.

Autonomy means security

Especially now, in troubled times, when many of the agreements and understandings can simply disappear, as happened with the RIAC (the Treaty on the short-and medium-actions between the US and Russia) and arms control. This situation is threatening for Europe, as it leaves her almost exposed to risk from potential attack from Russia.

In response to the Rules explains that the Old World is necessary to create new architecture of security and we cannot do without Russian participation. Source Politico said about it: “someone had to make sure that Europe sets the terms of discussion of new management agreements with missiles”. This, according to the belief of the source, the Makron, and now makes in dealing with Putin.

But Washington cannot and should not be relied upon. “We can’t move forward if we are on the side of American influence,” said the French President in a speech to the society of French in Warsaw. Touched on in that speech macron and sanctions against Russia, saying Europe, not the United States is suffering from them. But the frozen conflicts. America pushes you to continue in this direction.

This is a view of a Macron is not new. Even as Finance Minister in 2016, he supported the lifting of sanctions. And although France does support them, the Rules cannot be considered a supporter of them. He also did not particularly support the expansion of NATO and the EU to the East.

The policy of pressure with no result

But have such policies and critics in the EU, where it includes “suspicious and skeptical”. This is especially true of countries in Eastern Europe, or lived within the Soviet Union or under Communist regimes and repression. They don’t believe Putin is interested in constructive negotiations. At the same time their own security problems is not important for the leader of France.

Unlike terrorism in the Sahel and Syria. The environment of Macron explains: the ships of France are patrolling the Baltic sea, the country’s military stationed in North and Central Europe. Syria and France also bombed, when President Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Russian leader, used chemical weapons. Moreover, the frigate France has put to the forefront when the heads of state met last year in Fort Bregancon.

Critics retort that Putin is not really valid. His behavior in Ukraine about NATO and the EU and Syria have not changed. The latest attempt to influence was in December last year, when Makron gathered Putin, Merkel and Zelensky in Paris for the first time of the Norman meeting.

In the Ukraine saw it differently. Rather as a platform to promote Russian ideas of the special status of Donbass, which will put an end to the Euro-Atlantic plans of Kiev. Through the Russian fighters could block everything that is not like Moscow. Oddly enough, but the main benefit, writes Politico, may receive just the President of the United States. There I see the situation this way: once the circumstances will develop in such a way that Russia and the West will once again negotiate. But not the fact that between Putin and Macron.

Макрон хочет независимости Европы, но с участием Путина, - Politico