“Mad Lada” in deep snow: LADA Vesta SW Cross conquered blogger

«Бешеная Лада» в глубоком снегу: LADA Vesta SW Cross покорила блогера

Obzorschik Sergei Bags for the first time in his life sat behind the wheel of the LADA Vesta SW Cross. The car is simply amazing.

The appearance of the “Vesta” expert regarded as very beautiful, especially in orange color: “face” aggressive, balanced body lines, neat back and stylish bumper, is that regular drives are not the best choice, but there is a matter of taste and the purse for each: “Looks – yum!”. A slight disappointment overtook the motorist, when he was in the cabin of LADA Vesta SW Cross. He did not like the plastic finish, which looks too cheap: “it’s in the wrong shade of black and poor texture”.

He also did not appreciate the design of multimedia screen – the touchscreen is quite nice and quality, but the frame of matte plastic, its framing, “and asks for a tuning”. The front seats seem comfortable and beautiful only as long as they do not sit by himself. In principle, a sufficient comfort level, but trim, leatherette combined elements – clearly not the best option. As for the back, then there is problems much less – only armrest protrudes too much, making it difficult to climb from one side of the sofa to another.

In General, the LADA Vesta SW Cross conquered the blogger, but to make sure that finally, he decided to try and drive the “Crazy Tune” in the snow roads, with which it coped adequately, although it has not been the case without major difficulties. “Vesta” is stuck in a pretty deep pit from which it had to get a rope, but it without special problems coped with overcoming the snow ruts easily climbed the hills and rode the stretch of pristine fields, covered with snow, leaving a wide new path.

“A great car! Appearance – super. Stylish, young, modern. Well done Vazovtsy, and the designer all gold. You need to work with the salon quite a bit and everything, the machine will play!” – did not hide his enthusiasm the author of the video.

«Бешеная Лада» в глубоком снегу: LADA Vesta SW Cross покорила блогера

«Бешеная Лада» в глубоком снегу: LADA Vesta SW Cross покорила блогера