“Mad look”: wife Presnyakov in bra bobbed his hair

"Безумный вид": жена Преснякова в бюстгальтере обстригла себе волосы

Fans did not appreciate the new image of the graduate of “factory of stars”.

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Natalia Podolskaya has decided on a change. In a new photo the actress is posing in her bra with scissors in front of her is a table with cut hair. It seems that the singer decided to get rid of the red curls.

Fans shocked by the change in appearance of the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov. They hope that photos just a prank, because with short hair, in their opinion, the singer looks older and not so attractive.

“There is a great desire to change…”

– commented Natalia Podolskaya photos in “Instagram” (spelling and punctuation here and then saved).

Some commentators still defended the star. Now beauty, as it seems, has become like the French. And someone compared the singer to Marina Suginoi.

“A bit of a mad look and a photo with the remains of the hair is not very pleasant”, “Not very. Long best”, “Age”, “No, not this”, “New image fascinating!”, “Didn’t even recognize at first. Great, fresh, interesting!” – spoken by the users of social networks. Podolsk, where she wrapped his head a white handkerchief and wearing a hat with large fields.