Made discord in the ranks of the militants returned to Kiev “people’s mayor” of the occupied Horlivka Ukrainian scout (video)

Вносил раздор в ряды боевиков: в Киев вернулся "народный мэр" оккупированной Горловки, который оказался украинским разведчиком (видео)

He gathered a huge amount of documents and evidence of Russia’s presence in the occupied Donbas.

The former “people’s mayor” of Gorlovka of Donetsk region Eduard matucha returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine, because the Ukrainian intelligence officer and worked for five years among the militants.

This is stated in the story “TSN.Week”, the information broadcast was confirmed by the representative of the Main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky.

“Really, Edward is the man who provided the necessary information about the real situation in the occupied territories,” said Skibitsky.

Matucha a short time was the “people’s mayor” of Gorlovka, but resigned from this post due to disputes militants. Scout says that it was his goal – to embroil them. He later became the first Secretary of city Committee “Communist party” so-called “DNR”.

Matucha said that he collected information about the crimes of Russia and had contacts with the Russian Communists. According to him, the unrecognized Pro-Russian enclaves (Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, “DNR” and “LNR”) koordiniruyutsya the Kremlin through the Communist party, in the party there is even the man responsible – the Deputy Taicang Kazbek Kuchukovich.

The Ukrainian scout in particular have learned that this Deputy and other Communists formed the Russian “humanitarian convoys”, which include cars cash for samonazvanie republics of Donbass.

In General, matucha collected evidence about the participation of Russia and the Kremlin in the war in the Donbass. He argues that Moscow has a plan “B” against the Donbass referendum on the inclusion of “DNR” and “LNR” to Russia if Ukraine will not go on political concessions in the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the special status of Donbass.

The scout also says that Moscow is considering another plan – the creation of so-called “Novorossiya” with the military capture of Kharkov and Odessa.

Also the story says that the wife Matyuhi knew nothing about intelligence work of her husband and the last five years thought he was working for militants.