Made in China 231: flight to Mars, the tightening of censorship and the railway of the future

Сделано в Китае 231: полет на Марс, ужесточение цензуры и железная дорога будущего

Under the heading “Made in China” collected the weekly news from China, not included in the main feed 4PDA: announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. From this release you’ll learn about the launch of the first in the history of China mission to Mars; the introduction of censorship against independent news sites and the best opening of the railway line.

China successfully launched a rocket to Mars

On the morning of 22 July from the Baikonur Wenchang, which is located on Hainan island, in the framework of the mission “Tangwani-1” was successfully launched powerful heavy rocket “Changzheng-5”. It was the first country in history to launch a spacecraft to Mars.

By February 2021, the spacecraft should reach the goal. It will be delivered to the Mars space station, lander and Rover. All the three of them will work in tandem with the purpose of studying the Geology of the red planet and finding what may be hiding in its depths. While the Orbiter will scan the on top of Mars, the Rover will study the planet directly from its surface.

It is worth noting that, on 19 July, a similar mission to Mars sent by the United Arab Emirates as of July 30 this year, is scheduled to launch promising Rover Perseverance, developed by engineers of NASA. The intensity of the runs is due to the close proximity of Mars to Earth at this time.

Chinese censors got to independent sources

This week, the cyberspace Administration of China have announced a new campaign to regulate independent news websites and social media accounts that illegally publish news stories or link to unofficial sources.

The Department also intends to fight tout “yellow” headers, misleading content and other “killer online content”. In addition, the authorities intend to regulate all kinds of forums and online lectures.

In recent years, the Chinese government has significantly tightened censorship on what can be published online. Over the media, there is constant monitoring that they brought to the people only favored over the news and exclusively in a positive way. However, the regularly conducted “cleansing” of the Internet any content which is considered unacceptable.

Visitors of the winter Olympic games in 2022 will ride on the front rail

This week was put into operation China’s first high-speed railway connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou two city-organizer of the winter Olympic games in 2022. At its creation were used advanced domestic technology, which allowed to make a breakthrough in the development of local Railways.

174-kilometer railway line is the first of its kind in the country, which is covered by a private Chinese navigation satellite system BeiDou (BDS). Moreover, it will operate the world’s fastest driverless train can accelerate to 350 kilometers per hour. Due to this time the roads from one city to another was reduced from more than 3 hours to just 47 minutes.

In addition to satellite coverage, the new rail line includes other advanced technologies such as the autopilot and automatic control. This allows the train to be automatically moved between the stations by adjusting the time in accordance with the schedule and exactly to stop at the stations. The chief engineer is responsible for the creation of a new route, called it the Chinese version of high speed railway 2.0. According to him, it also laid the foundations for the future development of high-speed Railways in the country.

On the new railroad also used the automated warning system on earthquakes and disaster monitoring. The data is transferred through networks of the fifth generation. In addition, passengers on this line will be able to take advantage of e-tickets.

Сделано в Китае 231: полет на Марс, ужесточение цензуры и железная дорога будущего

Сделано в Китае 231: полет на Марс, ужесточение цензуры и железная дорога будущего

Сделано в Китае 231: полет на Марс, ужесточение цензуры и железная дорога будущего