Made in Ukraine, the rocket put into orbit the ship with cargo for the ISS

Сделанная в Украине ракета вывела на орбиту корабль с грузом для МКС

The carrier rocket “Antares” was successfully launched into orbit cargo ship “signus”. As described in the design Bureau “South”, the ship will deliver to the International space station??3750 pounds of payload. Docking is scheduled for 4 November.

In particular, the “Cygnus” to order NASA needs to deliver to the station?? food and things for the crew, materials for research, equipment for the alpha magnetic spectrometer, equipment for the station and the spacewalk, computers and accessories.

Also Cygnus will deliver to the station?? experimental oven Zero-G, which will include studies of the properties of heat transfer and cooking processes in microgravity.

“The project “Antares” – a good example of cooperation of space industry enterprises of Ukraine in international space projects, sustainable foreign economic activity of our enterprises and the presence of the Ukrainian rocket-space industry in the global space market. I am proud to be part of a great team where we can apply their knowledge and get new experience”, – stated in the KB “South”.

The basic construction of the first stage of the Antares was developed exactly “southern,” but made her “GP UMZ in cooperation with Ukrainian companies “Hartron-ARKOS” (Kharkiv), “Kievpribor”, “Khartron-YUKOM” (Zaporozhye), “announcement of annual”, “RAPID” (Chernihiv) and others,” boasted in the design office.